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The second massive civil resistance movement for the freedom of the Holy Quds, dubbed as the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ), is due to be held on June 7, organizers announced.

The announcement was made by the board for the Global March to Jerusalem at a meeting in Cairo.

Representatives of different pro-Palestinian groups from Arab and Islamic countries participated in the meeting.

Participants also discussed the threats posed by the Zionist regime of Israel to the Holy Quds and its residents.

On June 7, pro-Palestinian activists will hold a peaceful march to Jerusalem from the occupied Palestinian territories and the neighboring countries to the nearest place to the Holy Quds.

On March 30, 2012, pro-Palestinian people from across the world held massive rallies towards Jerusalem to mark the Land Day, an annual event held in honor of the Palestinians killed during protests against the Zionist regime's expansionist and aggressive land policies on March 30, 1976.

Hundreds of thousands participated in what organizers had billed a "Global March to Jerusalem".

For many Palestinians, the Land Day is an annual opportunity to demonstrate that Palestinians inside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are united and share common goals.


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